Adding a Water Feature to Your Yard

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I think pretty much everyone likes the gentle sound of falling water, which explains the prevalence of outdoor fountains in peoples’ yards these days. Of course, it also helps that the variety of inexpensive, ready-to-use fountains available to the home handyman grows every year.

A water feature covers a vast array of items. These can be as basic as a hanging wall fountain or as fancy as a tiered courtyard fountain. The addition of a pond or swimming pool to your setting is also a water function. Generally a water function is thought to be an attraction that includes the movement of water.

Installing a Simple Wall Fountain

Yard Fountains

Often made from cast stone, fountains are ideal for adding a focal point to your landscape, patio, or lawn. Oftentimes, large commercial size fountains are commonly positioned in central areas of large yards and bring a sense of tranquility and can also assist in shielding from roadway or background noise. Fountain types range from cast stone to fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and lots of other materials and should include a U.L. or CSA approved pump.

Most home and garden centres carry cheap outdoor fountains, but they are plain, unattractive and not built to survive a real winter. A lasting and more beautiful alternative is the precast garden fountain. Naturally they will be more expensive than the molded plastic varieties from Asia, but they look nicer, work better and will last many, many years. Your investment in a precast fountain buys you a product that is engineered to withstand real winters and won’t surprise you by cracking or failing to work when you turn it on each spring.

Animals and Fountains

When considering a water function for your setting, see to it you think of your animals! If you have a pet dog, it might see a standing fountain with a basin like a large swimming pool or drinking pond. A wall fountain is a terrific function to contribute to your setting that will certainly not impact your loveable pets. Think of the area of the fountain also, as sometimes birds might see your fountain as a refreshing bath, which could not be your intended outcome.