Stay Warm and Dry

The sound of rain on the windowpane and water as it rushes along guttering, sound of drops slowly falling from eaves means that it’s time to light that fire and snuggle down for en evening of family time. It’s also the time that a leaking roof is going to put a literal damper on that evening of familial bliss.

When a roof leak threatens your happiness and contentment then it’s time to read up about how to fix a leaking roof. Fortunately for most homeowner a leak in the roof can usually be fixed by the homeowner themselves. There are several products on the market that allow the homeowner to attend to roofing problems as a DIY project. Of course the first step in correcting the problem is to find out exactly where the leak is located.

The difficulty in doing this is that a leaking roof can cause a ceiling leak several meters from where the roof leak actually is, this is because flowing water will adhere to horizontal surfaces flowing away from the point of origin on the roof until gravity forces the drip to fall. To fix a leaking roof the homeowner is going to have to get creative.

Check Things Out Once a Year

At least a month before the rainy season get a garden hose and systematically drench a portion of the roof, a square approximately 10 by 10 foot is recommended. Once this area of the roof has been wet through then enter the house and check the ceiling for traces of dampness. Allow this area of the roof to dry and then repeat the procedure. An even better method is for a two man team to operate in tandem, the one spraying a continuous stream of water on a particular area of the roof while the other checks the interior of the home for damp patches on the ceiling or any dripping into the attic or ceiling space.

You should also be on the lookout for leaks around such roof fixtures as vents or skylights as the flashing around these fixtures is especially prone to leaking. If a leaking roof is the source of the moisture within the home then a remedy to the problem must be found. There are several methods of fixing the leak, many dependent on the type of roof. The remedy for a flat roof will be different than that for a shingle or metal roof.

For a flat roof, small areas can be sealed off with a liquid sealant or in the case where the damage is more extensive, in the case of a crack or puncture, these can be sealed with a solution of EPDM, a synthetic rubber like substance which can simply be painted on the ensure a weather tight seal to any flat roof. Metal roofs can also be treated with a liquid sealant which can be applied with relatively little effort by the homeowner. By making enquiries at the local hardware store or national chains like Home Depot the homeowner can get information on which solution is best to fix his or her leaking roof.

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